2-bedroom apartments for short lets in Eastbourne

We have a good selection of two bedroom apartments to rent in central Eastbourne, Meads village and Sovereign Harbour as excellent short stay accommodation.

Central Eastbourne

Cavendish Apartment (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Chiswick Place (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Duke Apartment (2-Bed) Sleeps 5

Gresham Apartment (2-Bed) Sleeps 5


Thorne Lodge (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Meads area

Kent House (2-Bed) Sleeps 5

Littledale Haven (2-Bed) Sleeps 5

Silverdale(2-Bed) Sleeps 5


Sovereign Harbour

Beach Chic (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Beach Front (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Horizon Views (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Long Beach (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Marine Dreams (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Pier Walk (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Santa Cruz (2-Bed) Sleeps 4

Ship Ahoy (2-Bed) Sleeps 4